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Regional Sales Manager
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Regional Sales Manager
1. Directing the Sales Supervisors by defining and communicating sales targets & KPIs for each Sales Supervisor.
2. Reviewing, giving feedback and gaining commitment in improving area performance by conducting improvement-focused coaching sessions and attending sales session endorsement.
3. Ensuring that his sales areas operate cost effectively and yield maximum results by regularly reviewing route and area performance and the factors that drive cost effectiveness and sales performance (e.g. call rates, stock rotation)
4. Increasing sales turnover in his area by actively identifying and exploiting new business potential.
5. Maintaining good customer relations by solving and / or helping Sales Supervisors to solve customer complaints promptly as well as regular field visits and close customer follow up.
6. Investigating possible fraud by ensuring that customers are visited and invoices/TC balances/Truck Stock is checked periodically.
7. Contributing to better management decision making by preparing and presenting timely market-related reports as required to his National Sales Manager & Marketing Managers.
8. Achieving his overhead budget by controlling operating costs and overheads in his area
9. Contributing to the annual budgeting process and periodic forecasting process by providing Regional Financial Controller with timely and accurate budget proposals and forecasts.
10. Improving the saleability of the entire product range by managing the use of merchandising resources and the application of the Almarai Merchandising Policy.
11. Ensuring product quality and freshness by implementing CPH, CCM and DCP practices
12. Maintaining a healthy and safe working environment by personally adhering to, and ensuring the adherence of his team, to policies and procedures on health, safety and hygiene.
13. Keeping the right number of Sales Supervisors and salesmen to serve the routes in his area by systematically planning and implementing employees’ vacation schedules and by accurately forecasting recruitment needs.
14. Ensuring Sales Supervisors and salesmen are equipped with skills and knowledge for the job by providing training that address clearly defined training needs.
15. Ensuring that all his staff has a current and valid Individual Training Plan (ITP).
16. Helping Sales Supervisors and salesmen meet or exceed job expectations by monitoring, coaching and motivating them and accompanying or visiting them in the market regularly.
17. Ensuring the optimum use of material resources (vans, HHT and printers, fridges etc) by regularly monitoring and dealing promptly with problems arising from usage and accountability of individuals.
18. Ensuring the effective management of credit accounts within the areas by implementing the company’s Credit Control Policy.
19. Sustaining positive team spirit by treating team members fairly and dealing with problem situations firmly and decisively.
20. Ensuring that Almarai responds quickly to changes in the market by initiating tactical sales activities in his areas to counter local competitor activity, with the prior approval of the NSM.
21. Motivating and encouraging his staff by monitoring and appraising them on regular basis.
22. Monitoring his staff’s conditions of employment in relation to their workplace and accommodation by visiting them in the workplace and villa periodically.
23. Gaining an in-depth knowledge of his area by visiting shops in his areas regularly.
24. Negotiating with customers for the right amount of shelf space & optimum use of LTA budget
25. Co ordinating with Training Manager in formulating “system/ process changes” training packages to be delivered to end users
26. Providing direction & guidance to his team in effective cooler management & monitoring cooler performance.
27. Sfaeguarding all the assets of the company provided to sales staff in the best interest of the business
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HealthCare - Pharmaceuticals > Multinational Pharmaceuticals
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Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
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Very Good
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Recruitment Manager
Recruitment Manager

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