About GHR

  • Established in 2001 and licensed by the Government of Egypt for the provision of Overseas & Local Recruitment.
  • GHR Globo Human Resource is a professional recruitment agency specialized in the search for and the placement of qualified candidates in well-reputed organizations worldwide.
  • GHRGHR is a team of executive recruiters, researchers, and other supporting staff that work diligently to develop and maintain a long-lasting relationship with clients. Our reputation for quality and confidentiality has placed us among the pinnacle leaders in the recruitment industry. We take a great pride in recruiting for tomorrow's industry through quality oriented services.
  • In GHR , we adopt the latest technique in screening, interviewing, selecting and processing the required candidates.
  • As our background has awarded us the "KNOW-HOW" in recruiting medical and pharmaceutical staff, we uniquely provide professional recruits of other categories, i.e. Engineering, Accounting, Banking, IT, Consultancy, Sales & Marketing, Administrative, and other various activities.
  • We always endeavor to prove that the HR industry is not only the key to reach the targeted SUCCESS, but also the main tool to retain SUCCESS. In GHR , we are committed to support our business partners / employers reaching and retaining their fruitful SUCCESS!.
  • GHR , The Strength To Track….The Strength To Process….

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